Who Is This Guy

Who Is This Guy?

I work for a utility in California. I am a technician involved in customer service. I meet hundreds of people a month and I am convinced that many people I meet are unhappy and discontented with things as they are in their life.

I am just a regular guy working for a better life for my family and myself. Have the normal education, nothing exceptional, finished 12th grade with C + average, 2.1 years of college with B + average. I love people. Everyone is different and special. I don’t like how easily people are put into categories. It makes them loose their uniqueness as an individual. I also have a passion for truth in life. So many things are unreal and phony today; it’s hard to find the real thing.

I honestly think I have some things to say to help people in life and to bring clarity in existence. I humbly offer this resource on the web as an outlet to people and a forum to investigate life. I look forward to your participation. I certainly don’t know it all, but am willing to expose my ideas for your consideration. I hope visitors to this site feel comfortable to interact or simply just read the thoughts of those who are involved in these web pages. Hope to maintain this site for sometime.

W. B. Stiles