Life is too short to miss what is true. How do I know what is true? It is written in the heart and mind of God. Seek and you will find, ask and it will be given to you. Jesus said, “I am the Way the Truth and the Life no man come to the Father (God) except by me.” These are the false words of a madman or the true words of God who came to earth. Can you afford to ignore them? I don’t think so.

Prove it true or false in your life and go on the journey of life seeking God and finding the truth. Set before you this day is life or death, therefore choose life. God wants you to choose the life in the fullness of eternity and discover true joy. Not that which the world gives but what God gives to those who truly seek Him. These pages are a search for joy and truth. I pray your path in life lead you to the revelation of Jesus.

Who We Are

While I get help with the website Who Am I? (whoami.us) occasionally, the site is my responsibility and labor of love. I am dedicated to a loving gospel apologetic message showing the proper respect to all people and belief systems. “Quietly trust yourself to Christ your Lord, and if anybody asks why you believe as you do, be ready to tell him, and do it in a gentle and respectful way.” 1 Peter 3:15 Living Bible.

I do not use words like truth or joy lightly. I have tested their meaning in the light of a walk with God that has satisfied me enough to believe I can help others by pointing them to the God of the Bible. I am convinced that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob can help all who seek him with an open heart. Jesus came to earth to show us the Way and that is what I write about in these pages.

I have been writing for over twenty years about the subjects I love but the greatest subject of all is the truth of God and His relationship with man and woman. I gently and respectfully ask you to consider the possibilities in a relationship with the creator of the universe. It is not myself that will ultimately convince you of the truth of the divine influence of God but He will through his Holy Spirit if you seek him honestly.

Please communicate with me on the contact page with your concerns and questions. If there is enough interest I will allow a forum for comments so we can have a decent dialogue about these important subjects in these pages.

Author: W.B. Stiles

The Gospel Truth About Man and Woman